Regulations for the SHW comment function

With the comments function, we offer space for an open and critical exchange of expertise. We believe that well-founded comments will enrich the articles and stimulate discussion. Please use the comments function in the same way that you would use it to chat with friends. Hate and outbursts of anger have no place in the comments column. We publish comments as long as they comply with our guidelines.

Netiquette for comments on Swiss Health Web

The following netiquette applies to us as a guideline for the comment function and its moderation. It will help you when writing a comment.

We reject comments that violate at least one of the following guidelines. These rules apply both to the content of the comment and to the linked content.

  1. The article makes no reference to the topic.
  2. The article contains unproven allegations, insinuations and suspicions.
  3. The article supports conspiracy theories or aims to deliberately spread misinformation.
  4. The contribution is either not written in German, French, English or violates basic rules of grammar and spelling.
  5. The entry is submitted twice or more than once.
  6. The entry contains unlawful, insulting, defamatory, defamatory, sexist, racist or personality-harming statements.
  7. The contribution demeans individuals or groups, for example on the basis of their religion, origin, ethnicity, nationality, financial circumstances, sexual orientation, age, gender, ideological or political beliefs, physical, mental or psychological impairments.
  8. The article contains verbal attacks against other readers and/or authors.
  9. The post may be interpreted as an incitement to violence or the commission of criminal offences or shares content that glorifies violence or pornography.
  10. The contribution reveals personal data of third parties or of the commentator, such as   addresses, medical histories, disputes.
  11. The post contains political advertising and other commercial content.

How does the comment function work?

  • Comments are automatically checked and either activated or blocked. There is no entitlement to publication.
  • Our guidelines form the basis for the work.
  • Comments always appear with the full name. We do not accept pseudonyms or false identities.

  • You can view your own comments and the responses given to them under ‘My posts’ in the profile area.

  • To ensure a structured debate, we ask you to formulate your thoughts briefly and precisely.

  • You can reply to other users' comments, like them or report them. If a comment is reported, it will be manually reviewed by us.

  • By default, the most recent comments are displayed at the top of each discus

We ask for your understanding for decisions made by our editorial team. Our aim is to intervene as little as possible. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact us by e-mail: kommentare-shw[at]