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Covering psychiatry, psychotherapy, neurology and neurosciences, the journal has served since its beginnings as the organ for scientific exchange in these fields in Switzerland and has thus been an important channel of communication for psychiatrists and neurologists.

Editorial Board

Editors in-Chief

Prof. Dr. med. Daniele Zullino

Head of the “Service d’addictologie” , Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. Daniel Sollberger

Liestal, Switzerland


Prof. Dr. Silke Bachmann

Genève, Switzerland

Dr. Rosilla Bachmann Heinzer

Prof. Dr. Charles Bonsack

Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Philippe Conus

Prilly, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Elmar Habermeyer

Zürich, Switzerland

PD Dr. Evelyn Herbrecht

Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul Hoff

Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Hennric Jokeit

Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Jürg Kesselring

Valens, Switzerland

Dr. Lydia Maderthaner

Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Egemen Savaskan

Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Andreas Steck

Epalinges, Switzerland

Dr. Karl Studer

Münsterlingen, Switzerland

Dr. Thomas von Salis

Zürich, Switzerland

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Jorinde Straub

Managing Editor Write e-mail

Editorial Office SANP

Anja Kemmer Write e-mail


The current journal is a continuation of the Swiss Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, a publication rich in tradition and reputation, which was founded in 1917 by the famous neurologist and psychiatrist C. von Monakow. 

It was a platform for uncensored publishing during the Second World War and has a long tradition of publishing the work of outstanding scientists, including a Nobel Prize winner. 

In the early years the journal was edited by Professor Dr C. von Monakow, Professor Dr P. Dubois, Professor Dr R. Weber, Dr B. Manzoni and Professor Dr H. W. Maier, in collaboration with the leading academic authorities of the time in the fields of psychiatry and neurology, including Professor E. Bleuler. 

Publishing Principles

As a member of the “Committee on Publication Ethics” (COPE) SANP adheres to the
“Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing”.

EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd. guarantees the editorial independence of the journal.  

The editors have total responsibility, authority, and accountability for the scientific content of the Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. 

To maintain editorial independence, the principles formulated by the World Association of Medical Editors (“The Relationship Between Journal Editors-in-Chief and Owners”) are observed. 

An influence of the content by economic interests is excluded. 

SANP is indexed in Scopus, Embase, ROAD, DOAJ, Crossref, Dimensions, Altmetric. Articles published in the Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy are preserved in CLOCKSS, a secure dark archive. 

Editorial Policies


Sources of Revenue

SANP is not published for the sake of earning advertising revenue but sells advertising for the sake of being published.

SANP accepts advertisements to finance the open access publication without page charges, and the production of the printed edition. Other sources of income are subscriptions of the print version and the sale of reprints, rights, and royalties. 

At EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd. the editing and marketing teams are strictly divided up, fully preventing the content of our magazines from becoming mired in business-related interests. 

EMH thus guarantees the editorial independence of the journal. Advertisements are not related in any way to editorial decisions. 


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